1. What was your life like as a kid?

I grew up in a Christian home. My dad worked countless hours every week, leaving at 6 in the morning and coming back at 6 at night. My mom took care of me and my three siblings as best as she could. But because our ages varied so much and the oldest was going through high school, it was easy for the two boys in the family to get lost every once in a while, while mom was raising the two girls. My mother and father did a wonderful job of raising us, and pounded many biblical morals into us, insuring that we knew the Bible and the importance of it’s contents. The hardest part of my childhood was being bullied by my older brother. Many times I retreated to my room to get away from my brother, locking the door or pushing something in front of it when I could. I was terrified of him.

 2. What were some of your dreams growing up?

My biggest dream growing up was to get away from my brother. That, as well as designing video games, but that’s every little boy’s dream.

 3. How did you come to know and treasure Jesus?

A lot of my hiding of sin and unrepentance came from me being bullied and hiding and faking being the only way to deal with it. It took a long time for me to confront it, but I met with a man pretty regularly for a while when I went to Crosspoint Life Church. Through a lot of counseling sessions and scripture, I finally did confront it. I would never have called myself a believer up until that point. Sure, I had knowledge of God, and sure I liked going to church and being in a community, but any words I had ever said about my faith seemed like thin paint on a wall. Nothing permanent. I came to know Christ when I gave up my sins in the middle of June 2012. During those times after, I based the strength of my faith by how I felt. If I felt distant from God, I must have been distant from God. If I felt like God didn’t love me, God must not love me. If I felt I was not saved, I must not have been saved.

 4. How has following Jesus changed your life?

Christ has continuously changed me. Following Jesus has been beneficial in my life. He is everything to me. I’ve also met amazing people, built life changing relationships, and have come to know my family much better.

 5. What role has Kaleo Church played in your growth as a Christian?

Kaleo has played the biggest part in my Christian life.  It wasn’t until I met with Joshua Kinney that I realized that my faith was often determined by my feelings. Christ continually placed leaders though, in my life. I have only been a Kaleo a very short while, but I am able to call it my home, and know that I have a Gospel-centered community that watches over my soul. In all this, God has been good. In me being bullied, God has been good. In my family struggles, God has been good. I treasure Christ now more than ever, and I am able to look at my sin and understand it better than I have before. I thank God daily for his grace, because with the ultimate sacrifice of putting his son of the Christ, I would not have any of this. He has been so good, and truly I can say it is well in my soul.