The Power Of Words ()

Tim Cain, March 11, 2017
Part of the Proverbs series, preached at a Saturday Evening service

All of us have experienced first hand the power of words. There are words that have brought joy to our lives and eased our pain and there are words that have hurt deeply and left scars that remain even to this day. The book of Proverbs rightly grasps the power of our words and because of that it has more to say about the way we talk than about any other topic.

In fact according to Proverbs the best way to tell if someone is wise or foolish is simply to listen to them speak.

In this message we will consider some of the warnings that Proverbs gives us about the way we talk and we will seek to discover how it is that we grow in this area of our life. Ultimately we will consider the way our God has spoken to us and what it would look like to listen to him and let his word teach us how to talk to one another

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