Grace In The Broken Places Of Our Lives (2 Corinthians 12:8-10)

Tim Cain, September 16, 2017
Part of the Topical series, preached at a Saturday Evening service

Where do we find the grace that we need in order to truly love others? Where do we find the grace to be patient with those who won’t listen, to love those who reject us, to serve the ungrateful and listen to the critical? Where do we find the grace to love more than we are loved and care more than we are cared about and serve more than we are served? In the books of I and II Corinthians Paul shows us that the grace we need the most is found in the places that we want to go the least. In fact, Paul tells us that the grace that we long for is found in our weakness and in our woundedness and in repenting of the sins of our past. In this sermon we will not only discuss where it is that we find the grace that we need so desperately, but we will also consider how it is that we are called to lead others to the grace that they need as well.

Tags: advancement, anger, catalyst, Christ, Church, Depression, fleeing, Forgiveness, God, Gold, Gospel, Grace, hurt, Jesus, Kaleo, loss, Love, martyrs, mercy, olympics, pain, Paul. Philippians, running, Sadness, spread, spreading, Suffering

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