Evangelism and the Discouragement and Distractions that Come with It (Mark 4:26-34)

Tim Cain, October 14, 2017
Part of the Mark series, preached at a Saturday Evening service

As Christians, one of the greatest discouragements we face is the lack of fruit that we see in the lives of the people that we care about. It is discouraging when you try and tell someone about Jesus only to find that you have begun an argument. It can be discouraging to share your faith with someone only to have them change the subject. For any of you who have ever truly tried to tell people about Jesus, discouragement seems to accompany many of your efforts.

So what do we do? How do we battle the discouragement that seems to accompany a life on the mission? The world calls us to fight discouragement with distractions. A life focused on the temporary offers freedom from the discouragement that comes from caring about people’s eternal souls. But is a distraction the only answer for our discouragement. Tonight in Mark 4:26-34 Jesus comes to encourage us by teaching us some very important truths about how the kingdom of God works. You see, when you and I rightly understand the way that God designed his kingdom to grow we find that we don’t need to be discouraged even when things don’t presently look the way that we wish they did.

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