Our Generous Father: A Christmas Message (Luke 2:1-7)

Tim Cain, December 23, 2017
Part of the Advent (2017) series, preached at a Saturday Evening service

What is God really like? The reality is that nothing could be more important to our life than the answer to that question. That is why from the very beginning Satan has been doing everything he can to confuse people about the true character of God. In the garden he told Eve that God was the “not-to-be-trusted-because-he-does-not -love-you-false-father” and she believed him. To this day Satan continues to do everything in his power to convince us that God doesn’t truly love us and because of that he can’t really be trusted. Tonight we will consider how both Christmas and the Cross come to expose Satan’s lies and reveal the true nature of our God. You see the truth is that our God is the most generous being in the universe and come what may he always keeps his promises.

Tags: Advent, Baby, Begging, Christ, Christmas, Church, Forgiven, Genesis, God, Grace, Humble, Jesus, Kaleo, KC, Longing, Love, mercy, Promise, Trust, Wait, Waiting

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