Hope for the New Year (Lamentations 3:16-24)

Tim Cain, December 30, 2017
Part of the Topical series, preached at a Saturday Evening service

Anytime you come to the end of a year it is only natural to take some time and look back on the previous year. Some of you can’t look back on 2017 without experiencing a sense of sadness. Maybe you think about a loved one that you lost, maybe you think about a dream that was shattered, maybe you think about a relationship that has fallen apart, maybe you think about a conflict that began or a failure that you are still paying the consequences for. So tonight we are going to talk about where it is that we can find hope in the midst of hardship. The truth is that none of us knows what 2018 is going to hold but tonight we are going to talk about how the steadfast love of the LORD never ceases and how that truth can give us hope in even the darkest of times.

Tags: Christ, Church, Cross, El Cajon, Forgiveness, Grace, grief, hard, have, hurt, in, Jesus, Kaleo, lament, lamentations, Lord, loss, lost, Love, mercy, Need, new, pain, the, Trust, want, year

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