What to Expect?


For some people going anywhere for the first time can be a bit of an uncertain experience. To help avoid any worries here’s a quick summary of what you can expect at any of our gatherings.

People show up prior to gathering, can find a seat and spend time greeting one another. The gathering usually begins with reading of passage of the Bible. A music team leads the congregation in song both at the beginning and end of the gathering. The sermon, or teaching, is based on the Bible and is designed to help us understand God, who we are, and the world we live in. After the sermon we enter into a time of communion to thank God and remind ourselves of our love and need for Jesus Christ. The gathering usually concludes with a few announcements and a benediction to send people off with a ‘good word’ of encouragement. After the gathering, people often spend time enjoying one another’s company, then frequently go in groups to dinner.

Why Saturday nights?

 God has blessed us with a wonderful location in the heart of downtown El Cajon. A number of people first came to our church because they were walking through the park about the time we were getting ready to start. However, the church building that we use already has services on Sundays. In order to have a presence in the heart of the city, we have chosen to meet on Saturday nights. We may not always meet on Saturday nights, but for now we are thankful that God has blessed us with this time and location.